Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The perils of setting off on an adventure

There's nothing like a few days of worry regarding your departure due to nature taking a nasty course. In our case it was volcanic ash, which had been and gone a couple of weeks ago, and then just had to reemerge a couple of days before takeoff.

We'd heard that the same flight as ours, but two days earlier, had only made it as far as Johannesburg - a mere 1400kms from our destination of CapeTown. Then the ash was in Australia: TIger cancelled all flights, noone was flying to Adelaide, sydney flights were cancelled etc etc. All of which sent us to checking the travel insurance policy as it looked likely that we may be delayed.
But we optimistically arived at the airport this afternoon to find Singapore Airlienes humming along and we have completed the first leg to Singapore.  It's 10pm and our next flight to South Africa leaves at 2.10am. fabulous though the Airport is, four hours in the middle of the night when I should be tucked up in bed seems a long time.

We did have a couple of delays getting to the airport whenthe first time Ewan left his jacket at home- turn around and go back and then when he realised he didn't have his wallet either- turn around go back again!  Oh the joys of travelleing to far off places!!!

Your tired but releieed correspondent Dianne

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