Sunday, 29 May 2011

Three weeks to go

In anticipation of the adventure to far shores I find myself contemplating questions such as:

How much Bushmans toxic mosquito repellent do 3 people need to survive Botswana-esque mozzies? (And are there really THAT many of them??!!) 

Would it be wise, for the purposes of keeping myself nice whilst climbing down a ladder from the tent on top of a Land Rover, to wear pyjamas instead of my usual nightie?

Is it safer to stand your ground or run like hell when confronted by large animals such as hippos ( known to cause more human deaths than any other african animal) or elephants?

Are there enough well-equipped supermarkets in Maun ( Botswana) to stock up on supplies so we don't spend three weeks touring Botswana and surviving on two-minute noodles?

Will I be pleased to see the gorgeous Erin? YES! Hurray, a question with a definite answer!