Friday, 10 June 2011

One and a half weeks to go

"The planning is half of the journey" - or words to that effect.

In our house there are alternate ways of planning for travel as I am discovering.

One is the measured well-researched do-it-ahead-of time type of planning. It consists of hours spent perusing all of the travel advisory sites, talking to people who have been to your planned destination, reading the recommnded novels and reference books well in advance, and planning a variety of experiences so boredom and exhaustion never sets in.

The other is a 'we don't want to overplan' approach. Such a laissez faire attitude is probably highly successful in low season, but at other times???
The other danger sign is the lack of variety, along the lines of: 'The ruins here are suppposed to be great....'  'So and so says don't miss the ruins at........' and 'these remote ruins are very hard to get to but....' However the final straw is surely 'we won't have time to see the Mediterranean as there are too many exciting ruins to see inland.....' Aaaaargh!

from your well-planned but worried soon-to-be traveller


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